Staycold is a leading South African manufacturer of self-contained commercial fridges and freezers primarily for the beverage and hospitality industries

From its factory in Parys the coolers are shipped worldwide meeting the stringent business and quality requirements of many countries. Founded in 1979, today Staycold operates from an 8 000 m2 factory in Parys, Free State. The business provides valuable employment for the local community and has a comprehensive manufacturing facility and high output manufacturing ability, including state of the art sheet metal working equipment, polyurethane high pressure foaming equipment, wire rack manufacturing equipment, powder coating and refrigeration pack manufacturing expertise.

Our manufacturing process is both streamlined and efficient, with raw materials processed on site and combined with key components from leading international manufacturers resulting in a high specification and high quality product engineered for durability, built for performance and trusted for reliability. The customer base includes blue chip clients and the product range includes:

  • Upright, glass or solid hinged door beverage coolers and freezers in varying sizes and dimensions (single or double doors)
  • Upright, glass  or solid sliding door beverage coolers in varying sizes and dimensions
  • Sliding glass top freezers
  • Under bar sliding glass door coolers
  • Countertop and 3/4 size impulse coolers


  • The reliability of our product has led to many international brands choosing Staycold for their trade marketing requirements
  • Low emissivity glass (“Low E glass”) doors are used on all our products which reduce the total energy loss on a cooler by almost 38% compared to standard doors
  • Larger condensers and evaporators together with Danfoss electronic control modules, Low E glass doors and LED internal lights ensure low energy consumption and our product will cool down its contents up to three times faster than ordinary coolers
  • The energy saving attributes of our coolers mean you can cut the cost of your electricity requirements for your coolers by substantial amounts compared to our competitors
  • Innovation, engineering, integrity and technical excellence are core values


SA    |  
Lena le Roux (General Manager)
SA    |   Sebastian Hills (Sales and Marketing Manager)

SA   |   T     +27 56 819 8097/8      F     +27 56 819 8112
UK  |   T     +44 124 432 1320    F    +44 124 432 234
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Staycold International (Pty) Ltd

1 Kakie Strachan Road, PO Box 258,
Parys 9585, South Africa.

UK Office – Staycold Export Ltd:
9 Hunters Walk, Canal Street,
Chester CH1 4EB.

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