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Colcoil Heat Exchangers, a division of Colcab, offers a full range of fin and tube heat exchangers for the retail, commercial, industrial, agricultural and marine industries.

Colcoil’s product catalogue includes a full range of blower coils (unit, dual and angular), vertical and horizontal discharge condensers, dry coolers as well as smaller condensing units. In addition, special application products are designed for bespoke projects as required by the customer. For example, blast freezers or coils for perishable product rooms (pull down, conditioning and ripening) etc. Colcoil also supports all products previously supplied by Yucon coils.

Energy efficiency, quality and reliability are key focus areas. Hence, energy efficient components such as internally grooved tubing and efficient fans are part of the offering. To ensure reliability in various applications, pre and post treated fin surface areas are offered to the customer.

Colcoil’s introduction of cutting edge 3D design, CNC manufacturing capabilities and best-in- class thermodynamic design software, places Colcoil as a leader in the broader heat exchanger market. Colcoil operates from a 5 800 square metre facility in Blackheath, Cape Town and employs 65 staff members.

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