The group supplies equipment mainly to the food retail, wholesale, hospitality, manufacturing and related industries, i.e. supermarkets, bakeries, petrol station convenience stores, fast food outlets, restaurants, hotels, wholesalers, institutional, industrial and government kitchens, bottlers and brewers, refrigeration and catering contractors.


Going forward Universal will focus on maintaining the leadership position that its underlying operations have established in its chosen market segments.

This will be achieved through strategies that inter alia include a customer centric focus on delivering customised solutions through superior service and an extensive product range of international quality and standard. The group’s products and services conform to international standards and exports represent a significant source of future growth. This potential is particularly exciting in the context of the African market with the group already exporting more than 25% of turnover.

Extracting synergies between its existing business in operational areas such as utilising export networks and distribution as well as production and efficiency related activities offers more opportunity for growth.

Universal will utilise the foundation provided by the existing businesses, to expand its activities to other areas with the objective of being the leading supplier and manufacturer of branded equipment, solutions and services for the food, beverage, hospitality and related industries primarily in Africa.


Although Universal was only incorporated in 1996, the underlying businesses are all well established businesses (some with a history of more than 100 years) supplying a diverse range of blue chip clients in the local and international markets. The group has a number of production facilities and offices nationwide and employs 2000 people.


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