Commercial Equipment Solutions (CES) is a specialist solutions provider to the broader foodservice industry including: Food retailers, wholesalers, convenience stores, bakeries, hotels, restaurants, quick service restaurants as well as government and institutional kitchens.

While maintaining its key role within the globally recognised Universal Group, CES also has a strong standing within the Southern African region. In addition, its philosophy of transparency, accountability, integrity, excellence and innovation in all its business dealings has seen it become synonymous with service and quality. Being part of the Universal Group also gives CES access to a highly-competitive range of equipment and support services for:

  • Refrigeration Equipment – Beverage coolers, supermarket display cases, cold and freezer rooms and refrigeration plant and related equipment
  • Baking and Kitchen Equipment – Rotary, rack and convection ovens, mixers, pressure cookers, grillers and related equipment. Commercial
  • Catering Equipment – Glassware, crockery, cutlery, processing and heating, storage, cleaning, cooking, chefs wear, smalls and other related equipment.

One of CES’s biggest strengths is its ability to provide exceptional turnkey solutions, with specific expertise in the institutional sector. This service includes: Conceptualisation, menu design, kitchen design, equipment specification, equipment supply, installation, staff training and on-going maintenance and support. CES is also obsessed with quality control and fully tests the products it manufactures and sells. In addition, optimal usage of its equipment is ensured through the provision of comprehensive client training on request.


  • A broad product offering caters to a wide range of sectors making the company an ideally suited partner for institutional, big volume productions
  • CES is committed to enhancing customer profitability by providing top quality service from design and manufacture to supply, installation, training, maintenance and servicing of equipment purchased
  • It’s specialisation in systems solutions takes cost effectiveness and application into account, which not only boosts a client’s business but also adapts to ever changing catering needs
  • An innovative 360-degree, 3D approach allows for the design of a modern, fully functional kitchen geared to current and future client needs
  • CES believes in Empowerment and Socio-Economic Development and is a Level 2 Broad Based Economic Empowerment company


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